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Different than in the United States and Canada, over 95% of the real estate transactions in Los Cabos are cash transactions without any financing.

The Developer at Rancho San Lucas has just released its first Developer Financing.  Only 30% of the inventory at Rancho San Lucas will be able to be financed, so if you are interested in utilizing the Financing Option, it is best to move forward sooner than later in order to take advantage of this limited opportunity.

There are two different ways to utilize the Financing Option with the Rancho San Lucas Developer:

OPTION 1:  7 Year Term 6.5% Interest Rate

OPTION 2:  2 Year Term 0% Interest Rate

The TERM begins at the time the construction is complete and the Buyer takes Delivery of the Property.  The normal construction time is 14 months.  The Term does not include this 14 months.  There is no interest during the construction period.


When paying CASH - a buyer does not pay all of the monies upfront.  A Cash buyer would place 30% down at a contract signing and would receive a 5% discount on the List Price of a property.  The buyer would then pay incrementally during the construction process to reach 80% of the property value during construction.  When the Property is completed and the client is satisfied and ready for delivery, the remaining 20% would be paid and the buyer then takes title and becomes the full owner.

If a buyer wants to utilize one of the Financing Options, but still get a discount, the buyer can put down 30% at the contract signing and they would receive a 2.5% discount from the Developer list price of the Property.  A buyer can start with only 10% down at a contract signing, however, there will be no discount from the Developer list Price.   

The Maximum Value to Finance is 40% of the Value of the Property.  Whether the Buyer Chooses to start with 10% down or 30% down, the construction begins when the client has 30% paid into the Developer.  The 14 month delivery time begins when there is 30% paid into the developer and construction begins.  The buyer utilizing one of the Financing Options would then pay incrementally to reach 50% of the property value during construction and then would pay 10% at the time of Delivery to reach 60% of the property value.  The Buyer then can either finance the property for 7 years at 6.5% Interest Rate or for 2 Years with 0% Interest Rate.

The Developer is only going to Finance 30% of the Inventory.  Therefore, if you desire Financing for your Los Cabos Property, please contact me sooner than later and lock in this great option at Rancho San Lucas.

You can view the Single Family Home Options at The Villas at Rancho San Lucas HERE

You can view the Luxury Duplex Style Condo HERE

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