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Different than in the United States and Canada, almost all of the real estate transactions in Los Cabos are cash transactions without any financing.

The Developer at Rancho San Lucas has released Developer Financing.

There are two different ways to utilize the Financing Option with the Rancho San Lucas Developer in order to finance 40% of the Property Value:

OPTION 1:  7 Year Term 6.5% Interest Rate

OPTION 2:  2 Year Term 0% Interest Rate

The TERM begins at the time the construction is complete and the Buyer takes Delivery of the Property - there is no interest during construction.  Construction times range from 14 - 24 months depending on the property and desires of the purchaser.  The Financing Term does not included the construction time.

When paying "Cash" - the Cash Buyer would receive a discount on the List Price.  The Cash Buyer does not pay 100% of the monies upfront at one time.  A Cash buyer would place 30% down at the contract signing and would receive a discount on the List Price of a property.  The Cash Buyer would pay incrementally during the construction process to reach 80% of the property value during construction.  When the Property is completed and the client is satisfied and ready for delivery, the remaining 20% would be paid and the buyer then takes title and becomes the full owner.

When using the financing option, the buyer will reach 60% of the property value by delivery.  The buyer would place 30% down at the time of contract signing and the permit and construction process would initiate.  The buyer would then pay incrementally to reach 50% of the value of property during construction.  Once the property is complete and to full satisfaction, anohter 10% is paid at delivery to reach 60% total and a 40% balance would remain.  The property owner would take title and delivery of the property and then the buyer has 2 options to finance the remaining 40% balance utilizing one of the two financing options:

7 years 6.5% Interest Rate OR 2 Years 0% Interest Rate

There is no origination fee nor pre payment penalty.  There is no long drawn out process to check personal finances, credit rating or assets - it is a very easy and painless process.  Again, almost all of properties sold in the Los Cabos area to foreigners are 100% cash transactions so this is a great opportunity for those wanting to start the purchase process much sooner than otherwise if requiring 100% cash.  As well, there is a great Developer Rental Program.  The goal here is to have the renters pay the remaining 40% balance on the property over the course of the 7 year term, while also enjoying your new property and full access and discounts to three wonderful world class resorts (Grand Solmar Rancho San Lucas & Lands End - Playa Grande).  Enjoy an appreciating asset and a wonderful new life style.



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